The brilliant crystal and the extra-ordinary pattern of bowl create a wonderful and sparkling light refraction
The poetry of both its pattern and material brings a floral touch to each table’s ambiance.
A 5-Armed elegant design with fluted cups, this bold piece makes a statement in any home
Opulent in shape and touch, it brings the brilliance of high-quality crystal glass to life.

Sparkling since 1834

Since Micheal Nachtmann founded our company in 1834, we have steadily built our

reputation as a specialist in crystal glassware. In 2004 we became the lifestyle brand of

Riedel Glassworkd, a family owned business with a proud 200 year heritage.


German Quality

In the best German tradition we combine craftsmanship with rigid quality control, cutting-edge technology and a passion for perfection in one of Europe’s most modern plants.

180 Years of heritage

Our heritage as a Bavarian glassmaker, crafting hand and machine-made crystal masterpieces, stretches back over two centuries.

Bavarian Crystal

Truly a modern day heirloom, Nachtmann Crystal glassware, plates, bowls, vases and table top accessories are sought after by style-conscious consumers from across the globe.


“I’m no mathematician but I know that a sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space. This was my starting point, as I sketched my first rough ideas. My aim was to connect the tradition and quality of hand-made glass with the precision and possibilities of pressed glass. I was influenced by legendary Czech glass designers Frantisek Vizner, Rudolf Jurnikl, Jirí Zejmon and Jirí Brabec, who all took a sculptural approach to their craft.”


Industrial designer

some of our beautiful products

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