Nacthmann delivers every day
Luxury to your customers

Every day is special. Any gathering in your establishment can become an occasion. The most casual get together can become a celebration.

Using Nachtmann’s brilliant crystal GLASSWARE, PLATES, BOWLS & SERVWARE, you will add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your customers’ everyday lives, transforming your dishes into memorable events.

In the best German tradition, Nachtmann combine craftsmanship with rigid quality control, new technology and a passion for perfection to ensure Foodservice grade quality crystal. 

Non Lead Crystal Bowls Round and Rectangular Plates


Characterized by an intricate braid pattern, this tabletop collection is a bold expression of personal style.

Non Lead Crystal Whiskey Tumbler


Opulent in feel and modern in cut, this is the glass for the upwardly mobile patron.

Non Lead Crystal Bowl and Round Plate


Samba captivates with a sparkle reminiscent of the graceful feather headdresses worn by dancers in the Rio Carnival Parade.

Non Lead Crystal Whiskey Tumbler & Long Drink


Classic cut from the finest crystal for the discerning and stately patron.

Nacthmann plates display high scratch resistance

When Nachtmann plate ranges : Samba and Bossa Nova  were laboratory tested against hotel grade porcelain under a force of 3 Newtons, Nachtmann showed no scratches while the hotel grade porcelain displayed scratches!

At higher forces the Nachtmann plates performed just as well as the hotel grade porcelain!


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